Week 4

A Given Moment

Week 4 score by Margaret Anne Schedel

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Week 3

This score requires multi-track software. You can download audacity for free here if needed.

City Soundscape

Week 3 score by Linda O’Keeffe

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Week 2

This is the warm-up and two first pieces of a longer ear/listening score by David Helbich.

The score includes both text and graphics, so it’s recommended to print it out.


Keine-Musik: earpieces (2 out of 5 pieces)

Week 2 score by David Helbich

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Week 1

Select a plant. (Not a kind of plant, but a specific plant – indoor or outdoor.)

Part I:  Listen to the plant.

Part II:  Talk/sing/sound to the plant.

Part III:  Listen/sound with the plant.

Part IV:  Listen/sound as the plant.

Performance notes
– Listening, here, is receptive attention:  you can listen with your ears, eyes, skin, or imagination.
– Move from each part of the score to the next at whatever pace feels natural. However, the full performance of the score (including parts I through IV) should last a total of at least 20 minutes.
– Perform at least once, and as many times as you like, throughout the week.

I am beginning an art/research project in which I want to explore the boundaries between human and non-human worlds and the possibilities of cross-species communication (through sound, listening, and performance).  How rigid are these boundaries, and how elastic can they become?   Can I open myself up to the experiences of, and cultivate relationships with, the non-human life around me?   Could such a practice lead to ethical/empathetic coexistence?

Variation I (optional)
– Replace “plant” with “animal.”

Variation II (optional)
-Replace “animal” with “insect.”

Week 1 score by Stephanie Loveless

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The Deep Listening Text-Score Ensemble …

… aims to sharpen our ears and imagination through the writing and performance / practice of listening scores.

  • For 11 weeks, we will focus on one score per week, written by a different group member each week (on a rotating basis).
  • Each score/instruction will be posted at the beginning of the week.
  • Throughout the week, this score will be practiced, performed, and experienced by all group members, according to their own schedule.
  • At the end of each week, each member will write a response of some kind about their listening experiences.

For more about Deep Listening, please visit http://deeplistening.org.

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