Week 11

Sonify yourself

Week 11 score by Marcello Lussana

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2 Responses to Week 11

  1. stepifany says:

    I am excited about this score (and particularly the variation!), but finding 40 minutes to dedicate has been a challenge this week. But soon!!

  2. stepifany says:

    This is belated, but here goes:

    The first and second parts of this score were a welcome invitation to reinhabit my body, and I appreciated that I was encouraged to do this through whatever methods were most comfortable for me. In the third part of the score – the actual “self-sonifying” – I alternated between developing mini-choreographies (discovering certain movements that led to certain sounds, and then repeating them) and punctuating, or commenting on, my movement with small vocal utterances (maybe as if the remaining energy of each movement was expressed in vocal bursts). For a while, I also experimented with a low, glottal sound, which became a kind of drone modified by and through my movements.

    It was difficult for me to be sure that the movement was causing the sound (as per the instructions), rather than the sound causing the movement. So, although playful, it was actually a difficult score for me (perhaps why it’s taken 8 months for me to finally re-perform it and type up my thoughts!) because my body is so used to thinking of sound as the thing that movement follows, rather than the other way around…. Generally though. I succeeded in not worrying too much about it, and just enjoying the interplay between the two.

    Many thanks, Marcello!

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