Week 9

For Harry Caul

Week 9 score by Evan Cordes

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Sound artist, Lecturer, Director of the Center for Deep Listening AT Rensselaer
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2 Responses to Week 9

  1. stephanie says:

    come piece independently fils
    know toute faire sais course
    bien merci lumière faire
    yeah weekend months l’automne
    réponse down united dollar merci merci plus
    unfortunately hi you excuse um just oxi
    probably god well yeah yeah yeah
    tomorrow yeah everyone guys

    i was listening in a cafe in montreal. my friend and i were both quietly laptop-working, so i had to eavesdrop to catch words i could write down. there was music playing overhead but it seemed clear that should be excluded, and so i wound up listening to one francophone table having a conversation behind me, to the waitress who spoke alternately in english and french, and to the table in front of me who were speaking in greek.

    i didn’t write down the greek words, since i didn’t understand them, until i heard what sounded like “ohi” (oxi = no), so i included that.

    i jotted down the words as they came as quickly as i could so that i would be curating/editing them as little as possible.

    for legibility, i left in the original “line breaks” from my scrap of paper.

    being surrounded by two languages i understood, and one i didn’t, created a nice vacillation in my experience between language-as-meaning and language-as-texture, and between feeling included and excluded by the sounds.

  2. margaret schedel says:

    I’m looking forward to doing this one, but haven’t been in a crowded space because I tend to avoid them 🙂

    I absolutely love this score though and think a book of collected “performances” would be gorgeous.

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