Week 7

Pay attention to your dreams. One day this week, as soon as you wake up, recall your dream(s), and proceed to make a sound or sounds that describe the overall feeling of the dream. Even if what you recall is very small and fragmented, you should be able to pick up the sounds of the felling that the dream left you. If you cannot recall any dreams throughout the week, pick a day and perform the sounds of not remembering your dreams. The sounds could last a few seconds or a few minutes.

Week 7 score by Venus Soberanes

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5 Responses to Week 7

  1. stephanie says:

    I haven’t regularly remembered my dreams for the last couple of years, so I only remembered one dream and one clear feeling-of-a-dream this week.

    In the first dream, I was sitting among a small circle of people, playing a game where someone (Chris Galanis, actually!) would gesture/represent a song by moving his hands and fingers in a kind of rhythmic dance meant as a clue to the identity of the song in his head, and we would all join in singing it at the same time. The sound I remembered clearly, sonically, upon waking was the last song Chris gestured with his fingers (and that the woman beside him began to sing, without any of the rest of us joining in). I recognized the song once she began to sing it. It was a rhythmic, jangly, popular song. I began to wake and wanted to sing it as my performance of this score, but fell asleep again, and couldn’t remember it when I woke later in the morning. So the sound I made was a whale-song like series of notes, which I repeated for a few minutes, expressing the feeling of the song and of my not being able to remember it.

    Another morning, the feeling-of-a-dream that I remembered was kind of complexly layered but balanced and peaceful, so I hummed a spontaneous slow-but-happy series of notes and throat creaks that seemed fitting, and provided a nice transitional space/moment between dream and waking.

    • ha! just the other morning i had the clear dream of a friend of mine playing ‘when i fall in love’ (Nat King Cole) on the piano, and my son needed to approach the piano to do something with her… i had to repeat the title of the song three times to myself to make sure i remembered it when i woke up 😉

  2. the last few weeks i have had more than usual snatches of dreams, images, feelings, sounds, narratives that have remained intact after waking.
    this morning:
    i am in a large, cavernous rocky space. two things (both provoking anxiety) are going on. one is that (3) monkey-people want to come into the space. it is not like they are dangerous, but they will do wild things and might chase us or poke us or take things away. the other is that to get out of the cavernous space, which is filling with water, we need to enter an elevator shaft, which seems to be malfunctioning. most of the people have already been ‘evacuated’, but i am left with a man who seems to be in charge of the operation. he is optimistic that it will work, but it involves us stepping into/under a elevator-sized coconut-shaped hut that will then be pushed through the shaft, keeping our heads and shoulders above water. the ‘problem’ is that it could get stuck (ooooh, i feel again the anxiety in my stomach, claustrophobia – i would NEVER be a spelunker, for example). anyway, i start waking up and realize that i need to pee very badly. i do that and get back in bed.
    because i sleep with my partner (with children in the room right beside, who are incredibly alert to any sounds!) and it is early, i vocalize half-asleep in my head. the feeling/sound is of stopped breath, suffocation, bursts of breath, rapid inhalation, oppression.

    the second dream i am with a couple of people. we are preparing for a course. there is a song, and i have not yet learned the words properly. i am looking at a sheet of paper with the words. there is a long word that starts with ‘p’. that’s all i remember. we are also getting ready to travel or stay over a few nights somewhere and i want to wash a shirt that is dirty. i place it in the small washing machine under a bench, but see that there is only one piece of clothing. i wonder if i should ask people to put clothes in to wash them with my shirt, but then am not sure if the people i am with would want to take their clothes off just to wash them now. other people come in. they are much younger than me, barely older than teenagers. i feel self-conscious. i am now sitting in the front row and think ‘i wonder if they will think from the back of my head, my haircut, that i am younger than i am. maybe i can pass as a bit older than a teenager…’

    by now it is later, and i ‘sing’ the song with the forgotten words, with a heavy sleep-husky broken voice. i also ‘perform’ the sounds of the previous dream.

    i’d like to do this more often! it is another way of ‘re-entering’ dreamspace…

    • stephanie says:

      thanks for this. it is such a pleasure – really beautiful to me – to read/hear other people’s dreams.
      i also think i’ll take this exercise on as a semi-regular practice.

  3. margaret schedel says:

    I was waiting to write about this until I had a good one to share. Last night I dreamt I was in a sound installation – I’ve had this dream before – I was familiar with the piece, and the sounds it makes. I learned on facebook that the creator had just died, but no one in the room knew it. Then this bossy lady found out and demanded that we all get in a circle to honor the artist. I capitulated, though I really wanted to experience grief in my own way in my own time. Then it was time to go – they were shutting down the exhibit for the day. Relived to be excused from the enforced grieving I left the room. At the threshold I could still hear the installation but none of the people inside. There were some sounds of kids laughing, doors squeaking, and footsteps in the hallway and somehow this was the perfect way to honor the artist – the sound of life with the shimmering audio installation. I stayed until some marimba player (I think it was installed in a music school) started practicing a terrible riff. (inside the people were still trying to convince the people not to turn of the installation). I think I’d like to make an installation which fits in a room, and have an extra speaker down the hallway – to make the transition into or out of the room magical.

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