Week 6

Know Your Home Stereo

Week 6 score by Andrew Smith

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2 Responses to Week 6

  1. stephanie says:

    I’ve been enjoying these scores as pretexts to listen in ways I wouldn’t normally.

    For this score, it was lovely to listen to music, not for it to affect my mood in a certain way, not to commune, commiserate, or be inspired by it, and not to learn from it (all my most common ways of interacting with music). Somehow in just listening, refreshing both the songs and my ears with new a EQ setting, and listening again, I seemed to let the songs just be themselves, rather than needing them to be useful/interesting/moving/exciting/enjoyable to me.

    Reading the score for the first time, I was reminded of a 1960s (I think) Glenn Gould text I once read, predicting that in the future the music consumer would have access to EQing mechanisms previously only accessible to music “professionals,” and that this would lead to a blurring between music creation and consumption, a kind of re-democratization of music (if I’m recalling correctly). But this exercise made me realize that, for me at least, and even as a music professional of sorts, the line between active professional and passive consumer is still in place, just internalized. I transform sounds all of the time in my creative life, but rarely bring that creativity over into the way I interact with and listen to others’ music.

  2. DavidH says:

    hi andrew,
    I like this idea a lot. The score I would have preferred to give the random settings already, or a system how to define and change them. Would be more motivating to really go for it out. Otherwise we has to write an entire score ourselves.
    Your refined composition would then be confronted with your records. That would be great fun and each time different!
    Don’t you wanna do it still?
    best, david

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