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Week 4

A Given Moment Week 4 score by Margaret Anne Schedel

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Week 3

This score requires multi-track software. You can download audacity for free here if needed. City Soundscape Week 3 score by Linda O’Keeffe

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Week 2

This is the warm-up and two first pieces of a longer ear/listening score by David Helbich. The score includes both text and graphics, so it’s recommended to print it out. Enjoy! Keine-Musik: earpieces (2 out of 5 pieces) Week 2 … Continue reading

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Week 1

Preparation Select a plant. (Not a kind of plant, but a specific plant – indoor or outdoor.) Score Part I:  Listen to the plant. Part II:  Talk/sing/sound to the plant. Part III:  Listen/sound with the plant. Part IV:  Listen/sound as … Continue reading

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