Week 11

Sonify yourself

Week 11 score by Marcello Lussana

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Week 10


Week 10 score by Chris Galanis

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Week 9

For Harry Caul

Week 9 score by Evan Cordes

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Week 8

Sounding the Spine

Week 8 score by Sharon Renee Stewart

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Week 7

Pay attention to your dreams. One day this week, as soon as you wake up, recall your dream(s), and proceed to make a sound or sounds that describe the overall feeling of the dream. Even if what you recall is very small and fragmented, you should be able to pick up the sounds of the felling that the dream left you. If you cannot recall any dreams throughout the week, pick a day and perform the sounds of not remembering your dreams. The sounds could last a few seconds or a few minutes.

Week 7 score by Venus Soberanes

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Week 6

Know Your Home Stereo

Week 6 score by Andrew Smith

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Week 5

Again, this score requires a portable recording device and multi-track sound editing software. If either of these requirements poses a challenge, just contact me for Fionnuala’s alternative “low-tech” variation!

Bringing It All Back

Week 5 score by Fionnuala Conway

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Week 4

A Given Moment

Week 4 score by Margaret Anne Schedel

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Week 3

This score requires multi-track software. You can download audacity for free here if needed.

City Soundscape

Week 3 score by Linda O’Keeffe

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Week 2

This is the warm-up and two first pieces of a longer ear/listening score by David Helbich.

The score includes both text and graphics, so it’s recommended to print it out.


Keine-Musik: earpieces (2 out of 5 pieces)

Week 2 score by David Helbich

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